Lower Peninsula Powersports

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Grizzly 700se - Best price and service in Alaska

By Aaron p. on July 24, 2020

Anchorage,AK | New Sales Department'

Lower Peninsula Powersports

Lower peninsula made my experience buying a new machine awesome! They went out of their way to have my new wheeler configured exactly the way I wanted it and ready to pick up by the weekend. Best price in AK and worth driving from Anchorage.

Good service, Bad after service

By Aaron N. on August 21, 2013

Anchorage,AK | None Department'

Lower Peninsula Powersports

I will never do business with Lower Peninsula Power Sports ever again! My father and I went down to Homer to buy some parts for a scooter that fell over in the trailer on their way home from Fairbanks. After we bought the parts, we decided to check on the a new scooter at Lower Peninsula Power Sports that we saw back in May. When we got there it was parked right in front near the door, so we asked a few questions about it and they told us that it's a 125cc and we could make a deal. My father made an offer and after a few negotiations we settled on $1500 + DMV and taxes. While we were doing the paperwork we asked if they had a 2.5 Yamaha outboard and we got $50 off the motor as a package. The next day after a we were rested, we took it for a test ride and couldn't figure out why it wasn't going over 35mph. A 125cc should go about 55-60 mph, being brand new 2011 with 2 miles we thought it was breaking in or it was a 49cc and we put it in the garage. The next day I took it up the road to Anchorage Yamaha to confirm if it was a 49cc, they confirmed it was a 49cc. To say the least, I was pissed! Lower Peninsula Power Sports that day called my father and told him abut the mix up and said that they would add another 3 years to the warranty, or that we could return it for a refund less a $200 Yamaha reversal registration fee. We told them they can pick it up here in Anchorage and we weren't paying the $200 fee for their screw up, which they told us no can do that we had to drive 222miles to drop it off and still pay the fee. We had already drove the Ford Superduty F350 V10 down to possibly buy a car trailer, so doing that again was out of the question. I'm still deciding if I will ride that d*mn thing all the way to Homer at 35mph and shove it up their ass! But for now my father thinks it'll be cheaper to keep it, and they're fun to ride around town. Lower Peninsula Power Sports will receive no stars for customer service and less business after this.